Application Case — Pump Motor Operation Online Monitoring

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  • 2018/9/19 15:55:29

WB9128-1 Application Case

1.The Application Background

In the urban sewage lifting station, it is necessary to monitor the running condition of the pumped motor, including recording the power, current, power factor and other parameters of the motor, and use it as an analysis of the working condition and efficiency of the motor.

2.The solution

WB9128-1 adopts special isolation module, professional MCU controller, high-speed data synchronous acquisition and data fast processing technology, and isolates three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire circuits, and converts them into RS485 bus and configurable analog output. With high precision, high isolation, strong anti-interference ability. This product adopts card-mounted structure, plug-in terminal wiring with locking screw, split type current probe, convenient for installation and maintenance, suitable for motor operation monitoring system.

3.The Application

The product was successfully applied to the motor monitoring of urban sewage lifting station in Zhejiang Province.

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