AC voltage transducer

WBV414M05AC voltage transducer

This product uses a special isolation module to measure the AC voltage in the grid and circuit in real time, and replace it with 0mA~20mA or 4mA~20mA DC current output, with the advantages of high precision, high isolation, low power consumption, low drift, wide temperature range, strong anti-interference ability, wide operating power range and so on. This product adopts card-mounted structure, terminal wiring, easy installation, three isolation between input, output and power supply. It is suitable for power supply equipment, power network monitoring automation system, industrial control monitoring system, etc.

Parameter Name WBV414M05
Product Function --
Input --
Input Mode --
Output --
Output Mode --
Accuracy Level 0.2
Response Time 300ms
Temperature Drift 150*10-6/℃
Auxiliary power supply DC+9V~+36V
Isolation Characteristics --
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